Product Description

Large Hand-Drawn Polka Dots / Irregular Circle Vinyl Wall Decals are decorative accents meant for interior use. Made with high-quality adhesive vinyl, they offer an easy solution to dress up walls, ceilings, furniture, windows, laptops, and any clean, flat surface. Vinyl is safe and removable, but not reusable, making it perfect for both temporary and permanent interior decorating purposes.

➸ Package & Decal Details

Large polka dot packs come with the option of small circles, large circles, or a mix of both.
• Small circles are about 1.3″ to 2″ (33mm to 50mm).
• Large circles are about 3″ to 4.5″ (76mm to 114mm).

➸ More Information:

• Decals are removable but NOT reusable.
• Each shape is an individual sticker that you place in your desired pattern. This is NOT a wallpaper.