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Adhessive Vinyl Decals. Peels & Stick to Make Your Walls Truely Unique!

All sorts of wall patterns available. Get a wallpaper effect with less effort and cost.

About Fluke Decor

Fluke Decor is loaded with beautiful, easy-to-use vinyl decal decor solutions that allow users to quickly and easily create stunning spaces. Just take a look around, there’s something for everyone!.

To bring affordable interior design solutions to everyone!
Well, who I am. Just a regular person who decided to create some awesome and simple interior design solutions.
A home shop run in the beautiful High Park district of Toronto, Ontario.
Great prices! Great service! Super fast shipping.
Now people always compliment the nursery. It’s great and was actually fun to put up!
So much easier (and more fun (and so much cheaper)) that wallpaper. So great working with DJ. Looks like stencils but without and fuss or mess!

Easy To Use

Most decals you just peel and stick to your chosen surface. Talk about simple!

Instructions Included

Some decals need transfer tape to be applied properly. Fear not! Items come already upon transfer tape with application instructions.

Save Your Walls

Avoid the headache of stencils. Apply decals in minutes and take them down just as fast.

Plus Easy to Clean

Wipe down your wall just as you would normally. Hard scrubbing might damage the decal edges. However, soft wiping will have no effect if on smooth surfaces.

Quick & Painless

Talk about speedy. In just a few minutes you can transform a room!

With No Mess

Saves you from the painting hassle of stencils and the time wallpaper demands.